Thursday, August 19, 2010


The DLC7 kids worked very hard today. They have quickly learned that what works for one person may not work for them and are seeing first-hand trouble shooting (and the importance of following verbal and visual directions as to not make Miss Bailin kick of her heels and jog around the room repeating herself). We had a good mix of learning new tech tools and tool interaction time today with an emphasis on photo manipulation (legal use of images) and web site creation. I am getting excited to see how our use of Web 2.0 applications will enable students to communicate and collaborate in new meaningful ways.

Please follow my blog as well as your child's. :) We love having supportive fans to give us feedback. Feel free to post comments. This is an interactive discussion forum, just like the students blogs will be.

With the basis for our communication and collaboration interfaces almost established, we will be pushing in the direction of legal issues and safety in the upcoming week. We will also start reading some pieces that make us think about the progression of our world today and will prepare us for the Modern Me unit.

You can view the calendar @ . If the students have trouble, they (and you because you have their usernames and passwords) can log in to pvLearners, choose sites, select the Digital Learning Center DLC7:) site and choose calendar.

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