Monday, January 3, 2011

HELLO 2011

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!!! It was so great to see all the kids smiling faces today! :)

Today we started getting back in the groove of school. We did a little break recap, went over two assignments, explained the differences between 1st semester and 2nd semester, and finalized our teaching topics and assessments for tomorrow's presentations.

Grades will be finalized this evening and posted. The district will be pulling the final grades tomorrow at 4p.m.

Descriptions of the Final Showcase Digital Product (due May 16th) and the Metaphorical Self-Portrait (due 1/14) are on the Assignment Calendar page, but here are the initial descriptions.

The Final Showcase Digital Product for :)DLC7 has few restrictions. As long as the product is school-appropriate and displays advanced mastery of digital 21st century skills and uses the focus piece, the students have creative freedom. Creativity, originality, and innovation are KEY and should be the focus of this piece. Students ARE NOT to use classmates to share ideas. These products SHOULD BE unveiled for the first time when we view it on the 16th of May. This project also does NOT have a rubric.

For the Metaphoric Picture (due 1/14/2010), students are to use a legal sized piece of paper (can be card stock depending on what they want to put on it) and make a scene or cover the entire background with symbols for themselves. It can include things they think, fear, hopes, dreams, experiences, life lessons, mantras, etc. but it needs to send the message without being too obvious. There should be a space left where their faces should be. These can be realistic or abstract. You will find that the abstract ones will get more of the creative juices flowing and it is a good way to start mentally preparing for the creative outlets that this semester requires. Students are welcome and encouraged to look up the meanings of colors, animals, etc. Few things that are included should or will be gender specific. One of the great things about this piece, is that it doesn't show gender. It makes the activity more interesting. Please don't SHOW THESE to your peers because that will drastically change the plan....