Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I POSTED A SAMPLE SCHEDULE ON THE BOARD, SO THE KIDS CAN SEE HOW EASILY THIS IS ALL PACED OUT WITH THEIR CLASS TIME. The pieces are small and you can view the curriculum on pvOnline. :) The sample schedule shows the kids how to prioritize and pace themselves. :) It is also color-coded.

The metaphor pic is postponed until after break. :( I'm bummed, but I know it isn't all about me.

  • 12/6: We will create our own covers for The Red Badge of Courage (you may do this on your own or in class that day)
  • 12/6: Block II's opening scene products are due! It should be uploaded on your site under your code of conduct.
  • 12/10: Vicksburg or Gettysburg brochure is due. It will be created in Pages (save as a gif or jpeg or screen shot it and upload it to your site under Before Brother Fought Brother (at the bottom)
  • 12/15: Complete ALL pvOnline: do a little bit each day...I posted a sample schedule on the board in class. :)
  • 12/15: Present INFORMAL content on one of these topics (found in pvOnline): Women, Soldier's Life, Children @ War, or War Technology. This means you use what is provided on pvOnline, create some slides with bullets, so you know what you are talking about and sum in up in a meaningfully short public speaking fashion. I'm not grading this for tech. I am ONLY looking at social studies content and public speaking. DON'T go crazy. This will be done in groups or pairs. I'm undecided so far.
  • 12/16: ALL GRADES CLOSE DISTRICT-WIDE and report cards are processed
***We will pic the sections you want to re-create visually like Block II did (see 12/6)
and they will be due most likely on 12/13.

Make sure you know what you are expected to read each night. Please discuss/email your leaders. :)

Here is how class will be structured, so PACE is important!!!

Period 1 - work on what you need to
Period 2 - specific Miss Bailin described things OR work on what you need to (depends on the day)
Period 3 - RBOF group work

Period 6 - specific Miss Bailin described things OR work on what you need to (depends on the day)
Period 7 - RBOF group work
Period 8 - work on what you need to

That is all. When we get back from break, we will get into a little Honest Abe moment, the end, and the Reconstruction Period (ugly times kids).

Exercising Independence

Hello all,

From now until 12/15, the students are exercising their independence. This means that they have mini-pieces they are creating, updating their websites (their semester final if you will), engaging in student-centered and generated literature studies for The Red Badge of Courage, and processing through online housed curriculum. After break, we will be getting back into a bit more direct instruction, but the students need to be practicing knowing their boundaries and working on time management. All grades close on 12/ exceptions. Seriously. I'm leaving the country.