Tuesday, February 22, 2011



The majority of the class today ROCKED their discussion based on their round one and round two of The Greatest Leader/March Madness themed brackets. I was over joyed by the brilliance and depth that was demonstrated today. Please feel free to ask your child about their choices.

:)Miss Bailin

Friday, February 18, 2011

Girls' Luncheon

Our girls beat the boys by 7 points in our class recognition guessing game!

The Showdown

We are having a 3 part showdown between Matty West and Sando for being the Concentration & Riddle STUDS of their classes. They both had tie scores (never before done in our game), so it is time for a showdown to see which one will reign supreme in points!

Reaching out

I would like to congratulate Mr. West on his new blog that Matty West helped him with last night!!! We are so proud, but we don't know if it is more for Matty West or his dad. :)

Why does my child have a bracket?


Your child will be coming home with a bracket. This is the same style bracket used in March Madness (we are starting early because Feb. is a short month). We watched a vid that explains how to make a March Madness bracket and then I inserted what that means for us content wise. :)

Your kids are creating their brackets to ultimately find out which world leader around WWI was the "greatest." I have included some things for them to think about when determine what "greatest" means to them and how to be historically accurate.

If you would like to play and have your own bracket, then let me know and I will send one home. :) Good luck.

They are only completing rounds 1 and 2. We started in class today.

1. You won't put two powerhouses against each other in round one....be thinking about the Elite 8 for that. ;) Divide it up. ;) There is a strategy for your person getting to the final rounds. This isn't pre-set like the real March Madness tourney. :)

Ways to think about "Greatest"
2. Political Movements/reform
3. Military
4. Population
5. Economic status of their country
6. Access to technology/advancements
7. Alliances
8. Land mass/imperialism/colonies/sphere of influence
9. Geographic location/strategic advantage
10. Trade Routes/Access to water
11. Natural Resources

We are getting ready for March Madness....

Hi DLC Family,

We started our March Madness inspired lesson plans, so that we can start getting ready for the excitement!!! I have to say, for the most part, our kids KNOW their Amendments!!!!

A BIG shout out to Liebs!!!!

:)Miss Bailin

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pilot Program: Google's Chrome Notebook (Cr-48)


We are one of five school districts in the nation that are a part of Google's Cr-48 pilot program. Selected schools/teachers/programs will be using the Cr-48 (Google's Chrome Notebook). If you are interested in the technology, please view the video links: http://www.google.com/support/chromeos/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=177870 .

This pilot program is being kept low key. We will not be giving interviews and neither will students/parents until further notice when Google starts proceeding with it.

THERE WILL BE BUMPS ALONG THE ROAD AND STUDENTS ARE AWARE OF THIS. THIS IS WHY WE ARE STILL USING THE LAPTOPS. We, as a program and district, understand that this technology is in its early stages, so we are going to use it as much as we can and provide feedback when something goes wrong. Your patience is greatly appreciated. I would also like to point out that we only have enough for the students and this technology is BRAND NEW, so I am learning with the kids (I don't get a teacher one to take home). The students know the process for reporting glitches, bugs, errors, virus messages, etc. (http://shortlinks.pvlearners.net/chromesurvey

). Contacting me will do nothing because I am in the same boat as the kids. The kids will fill out surveys that go directly to Google @ http://shortlinks.pvlearners.net/chromesurvey

“As part of the Chrome notebook Pilot program Google is providing a
limited number of devices to businesses, schools and individuals so
they can start receiving feedback from early users. Google is excited
that a small number of schools, including Paradise Valley Unified
School District, will be testing Chrome notebooks as part of the Pilot
program and we are eager to see the new and innovative approach they
take to learning by using the devices.”

How many schools are receiving them?
We’ve selected a small number of schools to test Chrome notebooks as
part of the Pilot program. We’re excited that Paradise Valley Unified
School District is among those participating in the Pilot program.

How did you pick the schools?
After reviewing thousands of applications, we selected a small number
of schools that share a vision of bringing technology into their
classrooms in innovative ways. We felt their current resources,
coupled with that vision, were a great fit for an all-web device like
the Cr-48.