Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/17 The Second Day of School

Today's classroom environment reflected a great deal of trial and error (at moments it was monotonous, like entering data and other times it was more rewarding, like seeing animation in Keynote). There are times when we try things and they don't quite work as planned, BUT if we are patient, keep breathing, and seek advice, then we get through it.

Today we went over the Mail aspect of pvLearners, Google accounts, viewed work samples from the previous year to give students an idea of what the expectation is of their products in the Digital Learning Center (samples can be viewed @ pvCast http://pvcast.pvschools.net/ under the student work category...then enter your child's username and password....now search for titles) and Keynote.

Students left class with a Contact list, their chats setup (parents should be watching to see how much time their child is on the chat), and the basics of Keynote. We will be working more on these throughout the week.

I am currently entering in parents' emails and you should expect an email confirmation by Thursday at the latest. :)

Please check the online calendar on the DLC7 web site for assignemnts. B1 means Block I and B2 is Block II. There will be times when the blocks aren't matching in assignments. If you click on the assignment, it will give you a description and a due date.

Miss Bailin's DLC7 Web Site Address: http://sites.google.com/a/pvlearners.net/dlc7/Please email Miss Bailin @ebailin@pvlearners.net. That is the address for parent and student communication.

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