Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday 9/20

Now we are getting into some more historical content!!! While the students are finishing up their analysis of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat and preparing their presentations to teach the class (Monday, September 27th), we will be using class time to start getting into the Industrial Revolution. The IR set up the foundation for our modern world and we will be running segments of Modern Me and Putting the 'Us' in the Industrial Revolution to show the parallelisms between now and the IR and prepping for our debate.

One way we will be flushing out content during the Putting the 'Us' in the Industrial Revolution unit, is by housing content in pvOnline. We will be using pvOnline as a way to access content, organize groups, engage in online disussions, share videos and we will be combining that with face to face interactions and activities as well. pvOnline can be reached and used by any computer because it is a web-based program.
Here's how to login:
1. Go to:
2. Enter your username and external password (this is your pvLearners password)
3. Click Middle Schools
4. Search DLC
5. Select DLC7th Grade -Bailin

Tomorrow is a half day and we will be using class time for three things:
1. Demonstrate public speaking style of Miss Bailin/peer analysis, so you can get tips to improve on before presenting on Monday, September 27th.
2. While not meeting with Miss Bailin/group to receive presentation feedback (refer to the Public Speaking Rubric on the class webpage), students will be working on completing their slides. If students finish their slides, he/she should be on pvOnline and investigating the IR.
3. During 2nd and 8th periods, we will have a demo of glogster ( by some selected Alphas. Students are to ONLY investigate the educational area. Students will be making an All About Me multi-media poster for their _______'s Bio & Blog page on their :)DLC7 website. This will be due Monday, September 27th.

-School Dance is Friday
-Every Tuesday is Spirit Day....wear your Sunrise t-shirts
-Tuesday is a half day. No sports today.
-My midterm grades will be completed by Wednesday evening.

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